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Creative ideas for a special funeral

Remembering your loved ones in a unique and special way. Buckley Memorials have put a few ideas together to add something unusual and memorable together for the celebration of life.

Choose a personalised casket

People are becoming increasingly creative with coffin and casket choices as a way of celebrating a person’s life and their interests.

Some coffin-makers specialise in colourful and patterned coffins, with a vast range of designs, from flowers, butterflies and stars, to music-themed designs, national flags and animals. Some companies even allow you to custom design a coffin with a specific image.

Another option is choosing a plain coffin and inviting close friends and family members to decorate it with drawings or messages for their loved one. You could use permanent marker pens, paint, crayons or stickers. Some people find that being closely involved in such a way helps them understand the grief they are feeling and say goodbye to their loved one.

Personalise the order of service

Order of service booklets are often handed out at funerals. Most commonly they are quite plain, with perhaps one photograph on the front cover. However, these booklets are another opportunity to personalise the funeral.

The cover could be a collage of many different photographs of the person who has passed away. You might even add captions to each photo to explain where and when it was taken. Not only will this look colourful, it will also serve as a unique keepsake for the mourners to take away. Mourners who are not close friends or family may not have access to photographs of the person who has passed away, so this is a fitting way to share memories of them with everyone in the congregation.

Create a memory board

Use a freestanding noticeboard to create a collage of photographs to display at the funeral and wake. This creates a place for mourners to come together and share memories.

You could expand this idea by providing labels or cards for guests to write on and add to the board. They could leave memories, messages, or even write down their favourite things about the person who has passed away.

After the wake the family can save the photographs and messages in a photo album as a lasting memorial.

Don’t be afraid to be colourful

It is becoming more and more common for people to request ‘anything but black’ for a funeral, whether that’s the dress code, hearse or casket.

You can ask mourners to wear bright colours, or an item of a particular colour, if your loved one had a favourite. Alternatively, you could hand out flowers of their favourite colours at the entrance to the funeral service. These could then be placed onto the coffin before burial or mourners could take them home as a keepsake.

What you should know before burying a pet at home

Deciding what to do with a beloved pet’s remains after they have passed away can be a difficult and emotional decision.

There are a few options available including home burial, pet cemetery burial, or cremation.

For some, burying their pet or its ashes at home where they are close by and in familiar surroundings can offer some comfort.

If you do decide to bury your pet at home, there are a few things you should know first.

  • UK law states you can only bury your pet in the garden of the house it lived in if you own the house, not in rented property.
  • You may not be able to bury your pet at home if its remains are deemed to be hazardous to human health. This could be due to medications that it was given if it was unwell prior to passing away.
  • It is best to bury your pet as soon as possible after rigor mortis has set in. But if this is not possible then the body should be either frozen or, if you are going to bury them later that day, stored at a temperature of 4 degrees or below.
  • Whilst waiting to bury your pet, wrap the body in a waterproof material to protect from bodily fluids.
  • Pets should be buried in a hole that is at least three feet deep.
  • Your pet should be wrapped in a biodegradable material like newspaper, cardboard or a towel.

Burying your pet at home can be less stressful and more personal as it allows everyone that loved the animal to have a say in what happens to the remains at each stage of the process.

It can also be comforting to be able to look out your window and see the spot where they are buried.

At Buckley Memorials we offer a range of pet memorials which can be engraved with a special message and placed in the area where your pet rests as a lasting tribute to their memory.

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