When we lose a loved one it’s only natural that we want to mark their passing with a grave marker or headstone that gives us a focal point for remembrance and contemplation. At Buckley Memorials we provide a full range of headstones and markers to suit any budget. Our affordable headstones can be customised to your exact requirements to ensure your loved one’s memorial is as individual as they were.

Our expert monumental masons can create the perfect grave marker or headstone for you. We can craft black granite headstones, bronze headstones, butterfly headstones, classic Celtic cross headstones and we can also provide double headstones and family headstones. Flat headstones for graves are also an elegant choice for a memorial to your loved one, and whatever style of headstone or marker you decide upon we can help you to choose the wording you’d like to add to remember your loved one by.

Headstones and markers have been in use for centuries to provide a lasting reminder of the person who has passed on. One of the most visited graves to this day is that of William Shakespeare, who died in 1616. Other gravesites and memorials where thousands come to pay their respects are those of Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. On June 25th 2014, the resting place of Michael Jackson will be opened to the public, and it’s anticipated that it will become the most visited gravesite of all.

To have a beautiful headstone or grave marker gives family and friends a lasting reminder of the person who has passed on. Even if your loved one has been cremated, you can still have a memorial inscribed to celebrate that person’s life. Here at Buckley Memorials our experienced team understands what an emotional task it is to choose a headstone, memorial or grave marker. But we’re here to talk you through the options and to help you choose the granite, marble or natural stone headstone or marker that would be most fitting.